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Equine AcuPoints

14.99 usd

It is a working tool, a study tool & an essential piece of equipment for any practitioner in the field right in the palm of your hand. Now you can leave your books and charts at home and be out with the horses doing what you do best.The Tallgrass Equine AcuPoint App offers:Clear images of all 12 Major Meridians on a horseAcupoints are easily seen in relation to each otherPoint Classification listings for easy reviewDetailed Acupoint Location, Energetics & Functions, and best of all - Commonly used acupoints for specific equine conditions.
With the Tallgrass Equine AcuPoint App you can:
See all the meridians and point locationsReview acupoint energetics & functionsDetermine acupoint selection on site Be more confident in point locationHave suggested acupoints for common equine conditions
The Equine AcuPoint app makes every equine practitioner’s job much easier – there is nothing else like it and it is all at your finger tips. It is a win-win for you and the horses!